Where can I get a vasectomy and how much would it cost?

Question: I am 23 years old and interested in a vasectomy, but do not have insurance that will cover the procedure. What would the cost be and location where the procedure would take place?


Answer:  Vasectomy procedures can range from $350-1,000 and are usually preformed by an urologist.  Although Family Planning does not perform any vasectomy services, some reproductive health clinics may.  I recommend contacting the reproductive health clinics in your area and inquire if they perform vasectomy services and whether or not they charge using a sliding scale based off your income.  Local urologists can also be considered, however, because you do not have sterilization insurance coverage, you will be considered as a self-pay patient.

Considering a vasectomy, especially in your 20’s, should be taken seriously.  It is intended as a permanent procedure, and although it can be reversed, it is difficult, expensive and not always successful.