Where can I consult with a physician?

I do not heave health insurance. I am married and my husband is leaving for Iraq in January or shortly thereafter. We want to go off my pills and see what happens, but I am on other medication that I am afraid would harm an embryo. Do you know of anywhere that I can go to consult a dr. before I might get pregnant? I have endometriosis and I have never been off of birth control so I’m fairly sure nothing will happen right away but I would have liked to talk to a Dr. first. We recently moved up here and my former Drs are all 3 hours away. Thanks.”
A: You could make an appointment with one of the nurse practitioners that the Family Planning Association to discuss your medical situation and the possibility of becoming pregnant. We operate on a sliding fee scale, so our fees are based on income and family size. Please be aware it is possible to become pregnant as soon as you stop taking pills, even if you have been taking them for a long time