When should I take a pregnancy test?

“Hello, Well i am 18 and i was supposed to start my period on march 10th 2004 because the first day of my last menstrual was on Febuary 10th 2004. My period is one week late today, and i dont know if im pregnant i have been peeing a lot and eating more too. I’ve also had severe headaches and some light nausea when i eat certain foods. me and my boyfriend do have unprotected sex but we have been tested and we are only with each other. the last time i took a preg. test was on march 6th 2004. we had, had sex on the 4th so i think it was too soon to take the test. the last time we had sex was yesterday march 16th so my question is when should i take a test? thank you very much for taking the time to acknowledge my question i hope to hear from you soon.”

A: “You should wait to take a pregnancy test until after you miss a period. Since you did not start your period for March, I recommend taking a test as soon as possible. You can purchase an over the counter test or you can schedule an appointment at Family Planning to take a test.”