What should I expect now that I have stopped taking the pill?

“i use to take birth control pills and i stopped a few months, will my period change on the day they’re suppose to come ever month? and how high are my chances of getting pregnant at this time of change?would condoms prevent me from being pregnant even tho i stopped on the pill?”

A: If you’ve stopped taking birth control pills, it may take a few months/cycles (longer in some cases) for your menstrual cycles to return to a regular pattern. Your period may or may not follow the 28-day cycle that it likely did while you were taking the pills. If you have specific questions about what to expect from your period now that you’re not taking pills any more, you should contact your health care provider.

Even if you’re not having regular periods once you’ve stopped taking your birth control pills, you can still get pregnant if you’re not using any other method of birth control. So, if you’re not taking birth control pills, and you are having intercourse, it’s important to use another birth control method if you want to avoid pregnancy. Of course, abstinence (not having any type of intercourse) is the only 100% reliable way to prevent pregnancy and avoid getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or HIV.

Condoms, used correctly, are a great way to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of STI/HIV. Birth control pills are about 99% effective in the prevention of pregnancy (if they’re taken perfectly). Condoms are about 97% effective in pregnancy prevention, perfectly used, and this effectiveness rate may be even higher if condoms are used with a spermicide. Also, condoms help protect from STI and HIV, which birth control pills do not – so even if someone is taking the pill, it’s always a good idea to use condoms as well. Spermicides are not right for every woman/couple, however, so you might want to ask your health care provider whether or not they’d be a good choice for you.

Hope this helps!