The condom slipped off…

 “How long does sperm live inside a woman’s vagina? I had sex with a woman and was wearing a condom. The condom slipped off toward the end of our sexual intercourse but I did not ejaculate inside of her. What are the chances that she will be pregnant? She ended her period approx 1 week before we had sex. Also, when the condom slipped off of me it was way up inside of her vagina and she had to retrieve it. Please HELP!!!

A: “Any time the condom slips off or breaks there is a chance for pregnancy. Even if you did not ejaculate inside of her there is pre-cum or pre-ejaculate that may or may not contain sperm and can get a woman pregnant. Sperm can live inside a woman’s vagina 5-7 days. If the woman misses her period, I suggest taking an over the counter pregnancy test or making an appointment to take a test at Family Planning. It might be a good idea to use a second method of protection such as the pill in case the condom breaks. Condoms should always be used because they help prevent against HIV and STI’s”