the shot

No period on Depo-Provera

“Can Depo Provora be taken after 13 weeks even if the mensuration has not been in the schedule time in the
last months.
Is it possible pregnency if mensuraaation does not occur in the in the third months”

A: It is common for users of Depo Provera to have no period at all while they are on the shot. It is unlikely you are pregnant. Be sure to tell your physician about this before you receive your next injection. If you have additional questions, please contact the physician who prescribed the injection.

Depo Shot?

“I used to go to a regular obgyn but had a disagreement when he called me fat. I am due for my depo shot around december 1st. What do i do? I’m 17 and my mom and I are starting to freak out.”

A: If you are interested in coming to The Family Planning clinic to get the Depo shot,we recommend calling to make an appointment as soon as possible. New patients will need to have an annual exam before receiving any birth control. Unfortunately, we have limited numbers of appointments available.

Questions about the shot

“Is it good to take the birth control shot just to gain weight? Also, is it a lot easier to get pregnant while taking the shot? Can you get pregnant the same month that you get your shot? Is it okay for you to have unprotected sex while taking the shot? If you want to, can you stop taking the shot and get on the birth control pill?”

A: The “shot” is not to be used solely for the purpose of weight gain, as not everyone will gain weight on the shot. The shot is 99.7% effective and a person only needs to use a condom as a back-up method for one week following their first shot. If after starting the shot someone wants to switch methods, that is typically done around the time the next shot is due.

Pregnant on last week of depo shot?

“I got my first depo shot on November 4,2005 and I’m due for next Shot on Feb 4 ,2006. IS there any chances that I can get pregnant on the last week of the shot? I also have not had my period this month and have been gaining some weight is that normal.. And the last 3 days or so I have been cramping is that normal?”

A: The shot is 99.7% effective, so there is always a slim chance someone can get pregnant at any time, not just the last week. Your chances of getting pregnant do not increase right before your shot is due. You are protected until Feb 4th. It is normal to not have a period and to gain weight while on the shot. If you are concerned, I urge you to contact your physician who gave you the shot.