teen clinic

Question: I’m 16 and looking to get birth control, I’m just wondering if it was possible to get the arm implant the same day?

Answer: Yes, please walk-in on Monday afternoon during Teen Clinic for your first appointment. As long as there are no medical contraindications, and we have the arm implant in stock, we will be able to meet the goals of your visit. This upcoming Monday (11/9) Teen Clinic will be held at our Painesville location from 3-5pm and the following week it will be held at our Ashtabula site.

Question: I’m 14 years old, don’t have a job, and my parents don’t know I’m sexually active. How much would would it be to get an STD test?

Answer: If a client is not using insurance, Family Planning charges a client based off of income and never turns someone away due to inability to pay. We will test you at no cost to you but do accept donations. Although Family Planning offers a supportive environment, we encourage your family to be involved during your visit. If you aren’t comfortable bring your parents, please consider bringing another family member, supportive friend, as well as your partner.

Family Planning offers a walk-in clinic for teens on Mondays from 3:00PM-5:00PM. Our next Teen Clinics are:

Ashtabula Family Planning: January 13, 2020

Painesville Family Planning: January 20, 2020

When is teen clinic in Ashtabula?

“I was curious when the next walk-in was for teens for the Ashtabula area and if I were to be charged to take a pregnancy test?”

A:  Teen clinic at our Ashtabula location is every other Monday.  Walk-ins are from 2:3o-4:30pm.  For further questions, please call 440-992-5953.