15 and want to get pregnant

“I’m 15 years old and i was wondering if it would be safe if i got pregnant now? i really wanna get pregnant and have a kid of my own but everyone’s telling me to wait but i really don’t want to. what are your opinions about the situation?”

 Since we are health educators we recommend calling and making an appointment at Family Planning with our counselor. The counselor will help with any questions or concerns you have in your situation.

Pregnancy Chances

Last night me and my boyfriend had intercourse and when we were done he told me that the condom had broke… i thought he was just playing around like he does sometimes but he was being serious… it broke when he was inside of me and didn’t feel it till after he was done…. what are the chances that i could be pregnant”

I just asked u a question but i was also wondering how much an abortion is and can i get it without my parents knowing?

A: As for your first question, its difficult to say. Since this just happened last night, it sounds like you would be a candidate for the morning after pill. It would be advisable to contact a clinic near you immediately. For the second part of your question, please look in the ‘ask the educator” archives as this question has been addressed previously.