What are the odds of my girlfriend becoming pregnant?

“Me and my girl friend were having sex and the condom broke. Right when it broke i pulled out. Her period last started on the 15. The day we had sex on was the 12 of august. what are the odds of her getting pregnant. Someone told me that her ovulation was supposed to be august 1st and it could range from 25 of july and the 8th of august. so what are the odds of her becomming pregnant.”

A: “A woman typically ovulates 14 days before the start of her period. Since your girlfriend started her period after the condom broke, she is not pregnant. In the future, always remember to correctly use protection every time you have sex or contact a reproductive health care provider about starting a more effective hormonal method of birth control.”

Used condom- Pregnancy?

“A highschooler informed me yesterday that they were told by a reputable hospital in this area (they conduct sex ed classes) the following “true” story. Boy and girl had sex. Condom was used. Girl became pregnant. Girl had only been with boy and no one else. DNA proved it was not the boys, but another boy that the girl had not been with sexually. The boy apparently had picked up a used condom and then had sex with the girl. Is this possible???”

A: The scenario you describe seems highly unlikely. Sperm can only stay alive in semen a very short time, and once semen is exposed to air, the condition of any sperm in that fluid deterioarates rapidly. While we cannot say it definitely did not happen, the chances of having viable sperm alive to fertilize an egg are very slim.

Trying to get pregnant..

“My husband and I recently decided to start trying to have a baby (about a month or two) We used to use protection all the time. I have irregular periods, so I never really know when I’m going to start, but not often to I miss. I haven’t had my period for 2 months, I’ve taken multiple home pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. I don’t have many symptoms, the only ones that I’ve noticed is that I’ve been getting headaches almost everyday, and I’m more tired then ever. I’ve gained a little bit of weight maybe just a few pounds. I’m 4″11 and around 100 lbs and I’ve been this size since I was 12 so it’s kind of weird that I gained a few cause I could never gain! I just figured it was because I’m getting older now and my metabolism is slowing. I’ve also had some white discharge for the past couple days, I just thought it was a yeast infection. I’ve been reading forums online about women who have had the same symptoms of me and were pregnant but didn’t know until later on. I haven’t seen a doctor yet mainly because I don’t have health insurance right now and I don’t have the money to spend at this moment, so I just decided to wait it out. As the days go by I get more worried about this. If you can, please give me some advice or reasons to why this is happening? Thanks!”

A: Because we are not doctors and only educators, it’s difficult to determine what your symptoms mean. We recommend you make an appointment with your health care provider. If you do not have insurance, Family Planning has a sliding fee scale to make appointments affordable to the community.

The condom slipped off…

 “How long does sperm live inside a woman’s vagina? I had sex with a woman and was wearing a condom. The condom slipped off toward the end of our sexual intercourse but I did not ejaculate inside of her. What are the chances that she will be pregnant? She ended her period approx 1 week before we had sex. Also, when the condom slipped off of me it was way up inside of her vagina and she had to retrieve it. Please HELP!!!

A: “Any time the condom slips off or breaks there is a chance for pregnancy. Even if you did not ejaculate inside of her there is pre-cum or pre-ejaculate that may or may not contain sperm and can get a woman pregnant. Sperm can live inside a woman’s vagina 5-7 days. If the woman misses her period, I suggest taking an over the counter pregnancy test or making an appointment to take a test at Family Planning. It might be a good idea to use a second method of protection such as the pill in case the condom breaks. Condoms should always be used because they help prevent against HIV and STI’s”

Should I test for pregnancy?

“I have PCOS so my periods are always irregular (28 – 56 days). I am 39 days past last menstrual cycle. I have middle back pain, constipation, and a little fatigue. No tender breasts or morning sickness but I really believe that I could be pregnant. What I need to know is, since I don’t have regular periods and have no idea when I might have ovulated, when should I test for pregnancy and are the things I mentioned signs of pregnancy? Please Help Me. I have been to over 100 websites and none have yet to give me a response that I can rely on. I have been trying to
conceive for 18 years so I dont want to test too early in fear of getting a negative. Yet I am getting anxious to find out.”

A: “Any time a woman has sex without using a method of contracption there is a risk for pregnancy. Missing a period is one sign of a possible pregnancy. A woman can contact the Family Planning Association at 440-992-5953 or 440-352-0608 or her personal physician to schedule a pregnancy test or purchase a home testing kit.”

Should I be worried?

“In november, i had protected sex, but when it was over, the condom was not there so i went to a clinic to get an ECP just to be safe. my period came as usual. sometime in december i had protected sex, everything was normal, no breaks in the condom, etc. it is now january 5 and i have not gotten my period at all. do ECP’s cause a late period? should i be worried? could i be pregnant? should i wait for a while to see if my period comes this month?”

A: “Since your period came as usual after taking the ECP and you had used protection in December, you are probably not pregnant. However, you may want to call the clinic and speak to a nurse who can determine based on the date of your last menstrual period whether or not you should be concerned.”

Should I be able to get pregnant at any time?

“My husband and I are wanting to get pregnant again. I have not been takeing any form of birthcontrol for probably 5 years. Should I be able to get pregnant at any time or do I have to wait til I’m ovulating?”

A: “A woman is most likely to get pregnant when she is ovulating. Ovulation typically occurs 14 days before the start of her period. During ovulation an egg is released from an ovary. If this egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, a pregnancy will occur. If no sperm are present during ovulation a pregnancy will not occur.”

Sex and Pregnancy

“If u r pregnant when should u stop having sex? Should u wear a condom?”

A: Unless a physician tells a patient otherwise, it is normally safe to have intercourse throughout an entire pregnancy, however, there are certain conditions and risk factors that may occur in which a doctor would advise against intercourse. A condom should be used with any sex act if there is a risk for sexually transmitted infections, or if neither partner has been recently tested. Check with the physician who is treating you during your pregnancy to find out what’s best for you.