What happens during a Pregnancy Test?

Question: I’d like to know exactly what happens when you go in for a pregnancy test. Ex) Is it a blood or urine test? Do you have to get a pelvic exam? Cost? Anything else you know of?

Answer:  When someone comes in for a pregnancy test, the social worker on staff meets with the patient. Pregnancy tests here at FPA are urine tests that take 3 minutes for the results. When the social worker has the result of the test, she meets with the patient to discuss the result and all options if the patient is pregnant, and discusses birth control and STI/HIV testing if the patient is not pregnant. Pelvic exams are usually not part of a pregnancy test appointment. The cost will be based on the the patient’s income, and where she falls on our sliding fee scale.  Please call 440-352-0608 for more information.

How to determine how far along a person is in a pregnancy

“How would i know how for along am in my pregnancy, is there one day of the month we go by? If my last period was on February 7 and my due date is November 14..”

A:  For questions regarding a pregnancy, we recommend scheduling an appointment.  During the appointment, the patient will have the opportunity to ask any questions as well as figuring out how far along a person is in their pregnancy.  To schedule an appointment, call 440-352-0608.

How much does a visit for a pregnancy test cost?

“I was wondering if there are any fees to come in and take a pregnancy test? Im a week late..home tests are invalid. Can I walk in or do i have to make an appointment?”

A:  Here at Family Planning, the cost of a visit is based off a sliding fee scale.  The sliding fee scale is determined by a persons family size and income.  We recommend calling to schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test.  Depending on your age, we do have Teen Clinics where patients can walk in without having an appointment.  However, those times are specifically geared toward teens.  To get further information, we recommend calling our office at 440-352-0608.

No period after abortion?

had an abortion 2 months ago i haven’t had a period I did 4 pregnancy test two came out positive and two came out negative. What’s that changes that I’m pregnant”

A: If it has been two months since the termination, that should not have any effect on a pregnancy test performed today. It is possible to become pregnant again shortly after an abortion. If you are unsure of the results of your test, it would be a good idea to have one performed by your physician or at a clinic where you can be assured the results are accurate.

Can I bring my niece to FPA without parental permission?

“My neice is 15 and is about 4 months pregnant and I am the only one that knows about the pregnancy right now, she has not seen a doctor yet and I want to bring her in but I need to know about her being a minor. Can I bring her in with out parental permission? We have talked and she knows she needs to talk to her grandmother about what is going on but she needs to see a doctor to make sure she and baby are alright. She also needs to speak with someone about her options.”

A: “Your niece may want to contact the Family Planning Association to schedule an appointment to speak with our counselor to discuss her options. We do encourage teens to share their decision to come to the Family Planning Association with their parent or guardian however, we also understand that is not always an option. Family Planning provides confidential reproductive health care services to all clients including teens.”

Will birth control prevent pregnancy on the first day?

 “i have been off the birth control pill for several months and had unprotected sex today. It really scared me so I started taking the bill again right away. If it is the same day will it prevent pregnancy? Hiw do I know if I should even be concerned about ovulation?”

A: “It takes one week for birth control pills to become active. Anytime you have unprotected sex there is a chance for pregnancy. If you had unprotected sex near the time you were ovulating the risk is greater. Ovulation takes place about 14 days before the start of your period. A sperm cell can live up to 7 days inside your vagina. ALways remember to use protection correctly and everytime you have sex.”

Why can’t we get pregnant?

“I had a daughter from my last marriage, even though doctors told me I had low sperm count, Now I’m with some one else, we have had unprotected sex for over a year and still can’t get pregnant, show we only have sex on ovulation?”

A: “Since I am not a doctor, I can’t give you medical advice regarding your condition. YOu may want to contact your medical provider with your concerns. But, a pregnancy is most likely to occur, if you and your partner have sex when she is ovulating. Typically ovulation occurs 14 days before the start of her period. A sperm cell can live up to 7 days inside a woman’s reproductive tract, but an egg only has a window of 24-36 hours to be fertilized.”

When should I take a pregnancy test?

“Hello, Well i am 18 and i was supposed to start my period on march 10th 2004 because the first day of my last menstrual was on Febuary 10th 2004. My period is one week late today, and i dont know if im pregnant i have been peeing a lot and eating more too. I’ve also had severe headaches and some light nausea when i eat certain foods. me and my boyfriend do have unprotected sex but we have been tested and we are only with each other. the last time i took a preg. test was on march 6th 2004. we had, had sex on the 4th so i think it was too soon to take the test. the last time we had sex was yesterday march 16th so my question is when should i take a test? thank you very much for taking the time to acknowledge my question i hope to hear from you soon.”

A: “You should wait to take a pregnancy test until after you miss a period. Since you did not start your period for March, I recommend taking a test as soon as possible. You can purchase an over the counter test or you can schedule an appointment at Family Planning to take a test.”

When is a woman most likely to get pregnant?

“My last period started 2/1 and I got my next period 3/10, when is a pinpoint time to get pregnant?”

A: “A woman is most likely to become pregnant when she is ovulating. Ovulation typically occurs 14 days before the start of her period. Since most women’s cycles are irregular, it is difficult to judge exactly when ovulation will occur”

What is the chance of me becoming pregnant?

“Exactly 8 days ago i was at my boyfriends house and we ended up having sex but we used the withdrawl method . I think i was ovulating at that time . What is the chances of me becoming pregnant?”

A: “Even though you and your partner practiced the withdrawl method there is still a chance that sperm may have entered your vagina. If you were ovulating at the time and a sperm cell was able to reach your egg there is a chance that you may become pregnant. If you are concerned about pregnancy and you miss your next period, make an appointment at Family Planning for a pregnancy test or purchase a test over the counter. Always remeber to use protction correctly and every time you have sex.”