pregnancy options

Pregnancy Options

“How late is too late to end my pregnancy?  Where can I go for an abortion?

A:  The Family Planning Association provides all options counseling regarding pregnancy.  We do not do abortions, but can provide information about pregnancy termination.  To answer questions and to find out more information on your options, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our social worker at 440-352-0608.

Thinking about abortion

“im 17 and ive been thinking alot about and abortion and my boyfriend dont wanna be wih me or have a kid and neither do i im not ready for one and i need to know how much one would cost and i dont wanna tell my mom so can i do it without her”

A: The Family Planning Association does not provide abortions. If interested, you can call and make an appointment with our counselor. We can provide you information on all your options and resources on where to go.

Resources for abortions?

“i was just wondering if you have any resources for abortion? like places i can go to have it done, and a number i can call to set up the appointment?”

A: Here at Family Planning, we do not provide abortions. We can provide you with information and resources about your options. If interested, we recommend calling to schedule an appointment.

No period after abortion?

had an abortion 2 months ago i haven’t had a period I did 4 pregnancy test two came out positive and two came out negative. What’s that changes that I’m pregnant”

A: If it has been two months since the termination, that should not have any effect on a pregnancy test performed today. It is possible to become pregnant again shortly after an abortion. If you are unsure of the results of your test, it would be a good idea to have one performed by your physician or at a clinic where you can be assured the results are accurate.

How much does an abortion cost?

“How much does an abortion cost for someone who earns under 2 grand a year?”

A: Family Planning does not provide abortions. The price of an abortion varies from clinic to clinic. Prices generally range from $400-$700 depending on what clinic you choose, how many weeks pregnant the woman is, and the specific what procedure done.

To find out specific costs, locate a provider either on-line or in the phone book and ask them what their payment options are. It is also possible to call the Family Planning Association to speak with a counselor and get more information about the options available to you.

Do you give out the abortion pill?

I want to know if you give out the abortion pill?”

A:  No, we do not have the abortion pill available, because we do not provide abortions. If you make an appointment with a counselor at the Family Planning clinic in Ashtabula or Painesville, they can give you more information about abortions and where you can get the abortion pill.

Can a minor get an abortion?

“my girlfriend and i are both minors. we have been sexually active for a while now. unfortunately, we are now scared that she may be pregnant. we have both agreed that if she is, we want an abortion. the problem, obviously, is she does not want to tell her mother because she is afraid that her mother will break us up.

so my question to you is :
is there anything we can do where we can keep it more of a secret?”

A: I do not know where you live, but in the state of Ohio someone under the age of 18 must inform their parents before an abortion can be performed. If the minor can prove that telling a parent will be harmful to them in some way, they may be able to receive a court bypass, which will allow the minor to receive the abortion without parental consent. Laws vary from state to state. It would be a good idea to speak to a counselor at your local family planning clinic who can help you discuss your options.


“What is the cost for an abortion in ohio and what are the dangers to the female?”

A: Here at Family Planning we do not provide abortions. If interested, we can provide you with information and resources about your options.

Just found out I’m 26 weeks pregnant?

“I am 26weeks and 8days pregnant…I just found out …I have been drinking accessively and smoking so I know this is not a healthy pregnancy! How can I terminate this pregnancy quickly?”

A: Here at Family Planning we do not provide pregnancy terminations.  In the state of Ohio, a woman can only get an abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. We do provide information about providers and other pregnancy options for those who are interested. You can call Family Planning at any time at 440-352-0608.