How old do you have to be to go on the pill?

How old do you have to be to go on the pill?”

A: “There is not a specific age for a woman to start using the birth control pill. If you are interested in starting a birth control method like the pill contact your health care provider or the Family Planning Association to make an appointment to discuss your options.”

I ran out of pills, is it okay to have sex?

If I run out of birth control pills and can’t get any more for a week, is it ok to still have sex for just that week with out getting pregnant?”

A: “Absolutely not. If you are going to have sex use a backup method like a latex condom. You are not protected against pregancy if you do not take your pills for one week. You must also use a condom for seven days after you start taking your pills again because it takes one week for the pills to become active.”

I missed my pill, is it too late to take an ECP?

I’m on birth control but missed my pill on Saturday and took it Sunday when I remembered. I took my Sunday pill around the usual time then had unprotected sex afterward. Could I get pregnant now because I took that pill late? How will I know before it’s too late to take an ECP?”

A: “Anytime you miss or forget to take your pill its effectiveness decreases and the chance for an unintended pregnancy increases. The ECP can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex. However, the sooner it is taken the more effective it is at preventing an unintended pregnancy.”

How long can I stay on the pill?

“I wanted to what is the longest somebody should take birth control. The reason I am asking I have been taking birth control now for almost 12 years (started at the age 14 in 1992)straight and I read somewhere that after 15 years you should quit.Is that true. thank you”

A: “This is really a question you should ask you doctor about since the answer differs from patient to patient. While many doctors believe that some patients can take birth control pills safely for many, many years, there are others who feel is best for patients to give their body a break from time to time. Based on your medical history and your experiences with birth control pills, your doctor will be able to most accurately answer this question.

Does the pill make you gain weight?

 “I heard the pill has horrible side effects, that you will become moodier and gain weight, is this true? Also how much does it cost?”

A: Any hormonal birth control method has risks of side effects. Everyone’s body is different; some people do not gain weight and some may gain weight when taking hormonal birth control.

Family Planning costs are based off a sliding fee scale. The cost of your appointment will be determined by your income.

Missing pills

“I am on birth control, i sometimes forget to take it. I was told that is is ineffective if missed 3 times in the course of a month. I missed about 3 times, and had unprotected sex. I did get my period, and then began taking the birth control at the scheduled time. My period did not last as long as it usually does, but it was close. Can i possibly be pregnant even if i got my period and continued use of birth control?

A: If a person misses any birth control pills, it is possible to become pregnant. For pills to be effective, they need to be taken every day at the same time. Since you did have a period that was close to normal, it seems unlikely that you are pregnant. You can take a test to ease your mind. If taking pills are difficult for you, it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor to find a method of birth control that will be easier for you to use correctly.

Taking a friends’ birth contol pills

” was taking un-prescribed birth controll form one of my friends and i started talking them at the wrong times and that was about 2-3 weeks ago. I was a week late on my period but it did start, i just want to know is there any way that could have messed up my body still in the long run even though i quite taking them.???

A: It is never a good idea to borrow any kind of medication, including birth control pills, from a friend. Birth control pills are a prescription drug, therefore a complete medical exam is usually necessary before a physician will prescribe them. Although safe for many women to take, pills do have side effects and there are some women that should not take them for medical reasons. Only a health care provider can determine this.

If someone is taking pills incorrectly (not everyday or at the correct time), it could cause someone’s period to be irregular. It may take a couple of cycles for your period to become regular again, even though you did stop taking the pills. You might want to consider going to a health care provider to discuss what options of birth control would be a good match for you.

Stopped Birth Control Pill – No period

“I am on the pills and previously if I stop taking the pills two or so days after my period would start this month I took it for about eight days or so and stop and my period havent come . Its about about eight days now.”

A: In order for birth control pills to be effective, they need to be taken every day and at the same time every day. If pills are taken irregularly, there is the possiblity that bleeding or spotting may occur. If someone hasn’t taken their pills correctly and has missed a period, then they could take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy, or consult with their physician who prescribed the pills.

Started Pills and no back-up method

“I didn’t know that 7 days after starting the pill i had to have a back up method. Know I don’t know if i’m pregnant and i’m still taking my birthcontrol. If I was pregnant, am I harming my baby? I’m I going to lose him? I have migranes and i been taking my medice like nothing and i’m real conserned what are going to be the consequences with my baby..”

A: Since you have a physician who prescribed you your birth control pills, this a question best left to them. Each doctor’s office has their own procedure and a nurse could likely answer this question over the phone. That being said, there is evidence that shows that use of birth control pills in early pregnancy is unlikely to harm a fetus. In the meantime if you are concerned you could always take a pregnancy test.