pelvic pain

I am experiencing pelvic pain with intercourse

Question: I got married 2 months ago. Ever since my husband and i started having sex then it’s been very painful. My best friend got married last year and told me she it hurts for awhile but after a month or so it should stop hurting, but it still does every time. I know it’s important to be wet enough, and if not to use lube, so we do all the time. But the pain is always there. Both of us were virgins before this so I think its very safe to say neither of us have any type of STD.

My question is why is it like this? Will it always be like this? Is there something wrong with me?

Answer: If these are the symptoms you are experiencing, I would encourage you to call and schedule a pelvic exam, either at Family Planning (440-352-0608) or with your regular gynecologist.