Parental Consent

Do you need a guardian to be treated?

Question: Do you need a guardian to be treated?

Answer: We do encourage family involvement during your appointment, but a guardian does not need to be present for you to access services. However, there may be an Explanation of Benefits with the services completed sent to the insurance account holder (i.e. your parent), so if you have concerns about confidentiality, make sure to bring that up at your appointment so that we can respect your privacy.

I had unprotected sex and was wondering if I can get Plan B and how much would it cost?

Question: I had unprotected sex and i was wondering if I can get Plan B from Family Planning? If, so how much would it cost? I’m 17 years old so does a parent have to come along with me. To get Plan B do I need an appointment?

Answer:  Emergency Contraception (Plan B) needs to be taken as soon as possible, along with testing for sexually transmitted infections.

Although we encourage parents to be a part of your appointment at Family Planning, it is not a requirement.  If you do not want to use your parents insurance, cost will be determined using a sliding fee scale.  If you are an unemployed student without documentation of family income, Family Planning Association would assign you to the furthest side of our scale. FPA services are available to you at little or no cost and you would never be turned away because of inability to pay; we do accept donations.

Family Planning Association holds Teen Clinic Mondays and alternate between the Painesville (440-352-0608) and Ashtabula (440-992-5953) locations.  Today, Monday, December 12 Teen Clinic will be held at the Painesville location; you can either arrive at the start of Teen Clinic (3:00 PM)  and sign up for one of the limited number of walk-in appointments or call  to make an appointment to ensure you will be seen.



Question: Is it possible to get the abortion pill from your company? If it is possible, would parent consent be required?

Question: Is it possible to get the abortion pill from your company? If it is possible, would parent consent be required?

Answer:  Family Planning does not provide abortion services.  We do provide all-options counseling for women who test positive for pregnancy so that they can make an informed choice.  Depending on your situation you may be able to consider emergency contraception – this is a high dose of birth control pill (not the abortion pill) that a woman can take up to 3 days after having unprotected sex to help reduce her risk of getting pregnant.  We do have Plan B available at Family Planning; you can also get it over the counter at most drug stores/ pharmacies at any age.  If the unprotected sex was up to 5 days ago you may be able to get an IUD inserted called ParaGard.  This particular birth control method works very effectively as emergency contraception if within 5 days, and can be left in for up to 10 years for continuing birth control.  If these are not an option, you should consider making an appointment to see a health care provider and get a pregnancy test – to do this with Family Planning please call 440-352-0608 and hear about your options whether the test is positive or negative.  If you are already positive that you are pregnant, abortion services are available in Cuyahoga County (you cannot get these services in Lake, Geauga, or Ashtabula Counties).  You can make an appointment with them to discuss your options as well, however you will need consent from one parent if you are under the age of 18.  Minors are able to obtain judicial court by-pass for certain circumstances, and a counselor at one of these clinics would help you with that process as well.  For referral resources and further information, please call Family Planning at 440-352-0608 to schedule an appointment at any of our four locations.

Does my parent have to go to my appointment with me?

Question:  Do you have to have a parent to go in? I might have something wrong with my vagina

Answer:  Family Planning always encourages parental involvement.  FPA feels it is important to have a support system when it come to a client’s health and well being.  However, parental presence is not required in order to schedule an appointment at Family Planning.  Please call 352-0608


Do I need parental consent to start using birth control?

Question: Hi. I am 17 years old do I still need to get my parents ok to get the pill from u.

Answer:   Anyone 13 or older can schedule an appointment at Family Planning, with or without parental consent.  However, we always encourage the involvement of mom, dad or a general support system.

Please keep in mind, if you plan to use private insurance, your family may see Family Planning Services on their insurance invoice.

How much does it cost to get tested and treated for an STI?

Question: Okay…at one point I was unsure if I had something or not but I know I do now :/ I wanna get it checked out and taken care of. It feels gross, and it itches and I want it fixed ASAP. The main problem I have is I don’t want my parents to know. I’m 18 years old. My bank account is still in the same main account as my moms, so if I start taking out too much money she’ll notice. How much would it cost to treat an std and can you guys treat it and take care of it all there? Like if I go, get tested, test positive for something, will you guys be able to treat me or will you send me elsewhere. Again I won’t be able to go elsewhere without my parents finding out and that’s not even an option. And then what’s the next step. I go, get tested, test positive….then what? And what’s a cost? I know it’s based on income and insurance but what if I don’t have a whole lot of money and no insurance. So many Q’s. Sorry. Helppp

Answer:  If you have a concern, please call and schedule an appointment in order to get tested as soon as possible.  You also have the option to attend Teen Clinic in Ashtabula this Monday, September 30th.  Scheduling is reserved for teens and you also have the option of walking in if there are no available appointments when you call.

The Family Planning Association can screen and treat many sexually transmitted infections including but not limited to chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. Parental consent is not required in order to be tested for any STI and I can assure you your medical visit will be kept confidential.  Because you do not have insurance, the cost for the STI testing will be determined from a sliding scale, based of your income. However, no one is ever turned away from Family Planning because of inability to pay.

I think I might have an STD…

“i had sex last weekend with 2 guys but it was a mistake and i feel weeird i think i might have and std..theres burning and itching alot of itching?..and i dont think there is anything else but should i get a check up with out my parents knowing?…how much is it to get a checkup??”

A: “I strongly urge you to contact Family Planning at 440-992-5953 and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Any kind of burning or itching in the genital area is not normal. The sooner you get treatment the better. All of our services are confidential which means unless we have your written permission, we can not tell anybody you were here, why you were here, etc. Also, our services are based on a sliding fee scale or according to your income.”

Do you need to have an exam to get on birth control?

“I recently had a baby with my finance. We’re both underage. I have insurance under my dad nut my parents are against me getting birth control. Id like to secretly get it from family planning but im uncomfortable having anyone examine my body other than my doctor. My doctor saw me last month for my post partum check up & prescribed me the pill. Would I need to still have an exam.”

A: At Family Planning, a person does not need to have parental consent to get on birth control. However, all new patients must have an exam to get on birth control.

Can you help set up a birth control appointment?

“Can you help set up a birth control appointment? My girlfriend is only 16 and I’m 18 is that ok? Because her parents or mine can not know we are sexually active.”

A: “Unfortunately we can not make appointments through “Ask the Eductor.” If your girlfriend needs an appointment for birth control she can call either or Ashtabula or Lake county office to schedule one. All services provided at Family Planning are confidential however, we do encourage you and your girlfriend to share your decision with your parents but we also understand that isn’t always possible.”

Can I get free birth control?

“Can I get birth control for free without my parents knowing? I am 15.”

A: At Family Planning, we do provide confidential services. The cost of birth control will be based off of a sliding fee scale, which is based off of a persons income.