Does family planning have Mirena?

Does family planning implant the hormonal iud Mirena?”

A: Yes, the Family Planning Association does have Mirena. If interested in more information you can call Family Planning and schedule an appointment at 440-352-0608.

How much does an IUD removal cost?

“How much does a IUD removal cost?”

A: At the Family Planning Association, the cost is based off of a sliding fee scale; which is determined by a persons’ income and family size. For further information, we recommend calling Family Planning at 440-352-0608.

Cost of IUDs at FPA

 “I was wondering if your organization offers Mirena or IUD devices and how much they typically cost. I use Depo-provera right now and I was reading about how it deprives a woman of calcium, so obviously I don’t want to be on it forever and I don’t want to go back to pill packs”

A: FPA offers both the Paraguard and Mirena IUDs. The Paraguard is priced on a sliding fee scale, based on the patient’s income. The Mirena is available via the Arch Foundation, which provides free IUDS to patients who qualify according to the foundation’s income guidelines. If a patient’s income is too high to qualify for a free Mirena, the FPA can provide one for $350.