Question: How much does Implanon or Mirena cost if my insurance doesn’t cover it?

Question: How much does Implanon or Mirena cost if my insurance doesn’t cover it?

Answer:  The Implanon implant has been replaced with a new one called Nexplanon.  The cost for the Nexplanon and Mirena at Family Planning is determined by our sliding fee scale, taking in account your household income.  Please call and schedule an appointment to determine your eligibility (440) 352-0608

Hours, Insurance and Implanon (Now Nexplanon)

Question: I was just wondering about your hours that you are open. Also with implanon what needs to be done in order to receive that birth control. Also how much would it cost I currently have apex insurance but will soon have CIGNA.

Answer: We are open Monday-Friday, and we are open 1 Saturday every month at both Painesville and Ashtabula. Typically, Mondays and Thursday hours are 11:00 am- 7:00 pm.   Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday hours are 8:30-4:30 pm.  Someone interested in the implant which is now called Nexplanon instead of Implanon would need to come in for an exam first, and would be tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia before setting up an appointment to get Nexplanon inserted.  If you have insurance,  Family Planning would bill your insurance to cover the cost of the device.  If you’re interested in learning more about cost, I would recommend calling us at 440-352-0608 to make an appointment.

Getting Implanon Removed

“Can i have my obgyn remove the implanon i had placed in my arm without my parents consent?”

A:  Here at Family Planning, we can remove Implanon without parental consent.  The person must be a patient of Family Planning to have it removed.

Had Implanon removed, should I get Plan B?

I had my inplanon removed 5 days ago after having it for over 1 year And right after it was removed I got the depo shot the same day. I completely forgot about having to wait 7 days after receiving the shot. Yesterday which would be 4 days on the shot I had sex without a condom. He did pull  But should I be worried? Should I get plan b pill?

A:  Having unprotected sex before the 7 days has passed, does put a person at risk for pregnancy.  If concerned about pregnancy, taking Emergency Contraception (Plan B), can lower the risk.

Getting pregnant after Implanon

After being on the inplanon for over 1 year, I already got it removed but About how long until ill be able to get pregnant again?

A:   It varies person to person.  But once someone has their implant removed, it shouldn’t take long for a person to get pregnant.

The Implant birth control

“Do you guys do implants under the skin the the arm? im thinking about getting this type of birth control. If so whats the cost i have military health insurance. Or any other information i should know about this type of birth control. Thank you!”

A: Yes, here at Family Planning we do have the birth control Implanon. The cost varies depending on a persons income or their insurance. If interested in the implant, we recommend calling to make an appointment. The nurse can also answer any further questions you may have.

Can I get Implanon removed?

“I have Implanon, I have for three years but I’ve lost the card can I still schedule an appointment to get it removed?”

A: Yes, if it has been three years you can call and schedule an appointment at Family Planning to have Implanon removed.

How much does Implanon cost?

 “Hello I’m wondering how much implanon? Costs it’s the birth control put under the arm. I have tricare insurance due to my husband being in the military. My husband makes about 30,000 salary and I’m not working right now but once I start working it will only be a minimum wage hopefully full time job. So I’m wondering an estimate of how much the implant will cost me out of pocket so I can start saving and how soon do I need to schedule an appointment I want my appointment to be mid October before my husband gets back from his deployment. Also how long does it take to come into effect hes suppose to be back around October 27.”

A: The Family Planning Clinic is a Title X Clinic that gets federal funds. Our costs are determined by family size and income and services rendered. We want to make you aware of the new Family Planning insurance at your county Job and Family Services. This insurance may help cover costs that your current insurance does not. We recommend calling a month in advance to schedule an appointment for Implanon. There is immediate contraceptive effect if inserted in the first 5 days of the cycle. If inserted at any other time addition contraception must be used for 7 days.