How often should I be tested for STIs and HIV?

Question: im a active gay man bottom and shared by my boy friend with his buddies and they do not use condoms as I enjoy the feeling and so do they. one of his friends just got of the prison system. how offen should I get std testing and hiv testing done

Answer: At Family Planning, we usually recommend that sexually active people get tested for STIs including HIV every 3-6 months.

STD testing in Ashtabula

“When do you do testing for STD’s and HIV, here in Ashtabula?  I’m a gay bottom male, last HIV test was last Nov. and never tested for STD’s.”

A:  If interested in getting an STD test, you can just call the Family Planning Association and schedule an appointment.  The phone number to our Ashtabula clinic is 440-992-5953.

When should I get tested for STI’s if my partner cheated?

im gay my boyfriend cheated on me,he hadnt used protection, we boke up about 3m ago when should i get tested for HIV and STD’s”

A: If concerned about STD’s, it’s best to get tested as soon as possible. Here at Family Planning, we provide STD testing. If interested in scheduling an appointment, call 440-352-0608.

HIV/STD testing for men?

im gay , im 48 yrs old i need tested for HIV and STD’s I live in Ashtabula How much does it cost, Im on Ohio medicaid and broke til first of the month, I broke up with my last lover end of june because he cheated on me and then had sex with me he doesnt use protection.”

A: The cost will determined by our sliding fee scale. Our sliding fee scale is determined by a patients income and family size. Family Planning has a clinic in Ashtabula. We recommend calling 440-992-5953 and scheduling an appointment for an STD test.

FPA- STI testing?

I am a homosexual.. I have NOT been tested in quit some time, and the more and more commericals I see on TV about HIV, it scares me, and makes me NOT want to go and get tested.. Afterall whats not to be scared of.. My question is : Do you do HIV testing and testing for other STDS? And when I can be able, if so, to do so.. Thank you”

A: The FPA sees both men and women for sexually transmitted infection testing, including HIV/AIDS. Our staff of nurse practitioners will discuss your risk factors and decide exactly what infections you should be tested for. This may include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and HIV. If a test comes back positive, you will be given treatment and instruction on how to manage the infection and avoid spreading it to others. It is recommended that any sexually active adult be tested on an annual basis since many infections show no symptoms. To be tested, call the FPA office nearest you to make an appointment.