Birth Control Exam

Question: I was wondering at my brith control exam is my boyfriend allowed to be in the room? Im really nervous and having his support is important to me.

Answer: Typically, the nurse sees patients alone for exams. If a patient is under 21, the exam will not include a full pelvic exam or pap test. The nurse usually does a visual check before administering birth control. If you’d really feel more comfortable, you can bring your boyfriend and explain to the staff that you’d like him to be there with you.

What is an exam like?

“hi, i was wondering what is exactly done durring the pap exam because i heard you have to get one done to be on birth control. And i was also wondering if you have the patch not just the pills and the shot. Thanks”

A: “An exam must be done before a women can start a birth control method. During the exam, three things will happen. First the Nurse with do a breast self-exam to makes sure there are no bumps or lumps. The second part, she inserts a speculum inside the vagina to better see the cervix. She will swab the cervix for a pap test and an STI test. Lastly she will insert one or two fingers inside the vagina to make sure the reproductive organs feel healthy. Then the exam will be completed. We do have a variety of different birth control methods, although we do not carry the patch, we can write out a prescription for one. You can call to make an appointment for an exam and depending on how old you are you may have to go through an orientation. Orientation is going over the different birth control methods and explaining in further detail what an exam is like.”

Nervous about seeing doctor…

“I recently noticed changes in my body…I am a hypochondriac …I know there is something wrong though..I am very embarresed and scared to find out what it is..I think it might be more than 1 thing. is it okay to be nervous and shy…how could I be more relaxed…I know I’ll feel better once I get treated but I’m so nervous and scared”

A: It can be a scary thing to notice something that we don’t think is normal, hasn’t been there before, or don’t know what it is. I think its a great idea that you’re using this website to ask questions and gather as much information as possible. Please be assured that practioners who work in the sexual health field are specially trained to deal with these embarassing and sensitive subjects and want to help their patients the best they can. Ask as many questions as you need and seek out as much information as possible. Although it may be scary and nerve-wracking, it sounds like it would be a good idea to see someone, not only to treat any problems that might be there, but to help your piece of mind. If you need to, take a close friend or partner with you for support. You’re right, you will feel better once you get this taken care of. Good Luck!!

How much will I get charged for a pap smear?

About how much will i get charged for a pap smear, i am unemployed at the moment, and i am in desperate need of one.”

A: “The Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio, Inc. provides services on a sliding fee scale according to household income and family size. You may qualify for discounted or free services. Contact Family Planning for additional information.”

How long does the entire exam for birth control pills last?

“How long does the entire exam for birth control pills last? Do i have to get the pills or can i get the shot? I’m under 18, what do i bring to my first appointment?”

A: “If you are 15 or younger, you need to make an appointment for a separate orientation and education session first, which lasts about 30 minutes. After you attend the orientation, you can schedule an exam. If you are 16 or 17, you can schedule an exam for the same day as your orientation and education. An exam lasts approximately 1-1 1/2 hours. Whether or not you get birth control pills or the shot is your decision. If you have Medicaid, bring your card with you.”

How do I get on birth control?

 “What steps do I need to take in order to get birth control pills? And how much would it cost?”

A: You will need to call and schedule an appointment at the Family Planning Clinic to have a pelvic exam before getting on birth control. The cost will depend on your income. We have a sliding fee scale.

Exams for birth control?

 “If i’m gettin birth control do i have to get looked at cause i dont want to be looked at”

A: If you are interested in getting birth control, you will have to be looked at by getting a pelvic exam. If you are under 21, you will probably not need a pap smear yet, but the nurse/doctor will need conduct an exam before giving you birth control.

Do you need to have an exam to get on birth control?

“I recently had a baby with my finance. We’re both underage. I have insurance under my dad nut my parents are against me getting birth control. Id like to secretly get it from family planning but im uncomfortable having anyone examine my body other than my doctor. My doctor saw me last month for my post partum check up & prescribed me the pill. Would I need to still have an exam.”

A: At Family Planning, a person does not need to have parental consent to get on birth control. However, all new patients must have an exam to get on birth control.