Hours, Insurance and Implanon (Now Nexplanon)

Question: I was just wondering about your hours that you are open. Also with implanon what needs to be done in order to receive that birth control. Also how much would it cost I currently have apex insurance but will soon have CIGNA.

Answer: We are open Monday-Friday, and we are open 1 Saturday every month at both Painesville and Ashtabula. Typically, Mondays and Thursday hours are 11:00 am- 7:00 pm.   Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday hours are 8:30-4:30 pm.  Someone interested in the implant which is now called Nexplanon instead of Implanon would need to come in for an exam first, and would be tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia before setting up an appointment to get Nexplanon inserted.  If you have insurance,  Family Planning would bill your insurance to cover the cost of the device.  If you’re interested in learning more about cost, I would recommend calling us at 440-352-0608 to make an appointment.

Does the pill make you gain weight?

 “I heard the pill has horrible side effects, that you will become moodier and gain weight, is this true? Also how much does it cost?”

A: Any hormonal birth control method has risks of side effects. Everyone’s body is different; some people do not gain weight and some may gain weight when taking hormonal birth control.

Family Planning costs are based off a sliding fee scale. The cost of your appointment will be determined by your income.

I think I might have an STD…

“i had sex last weekend with 2 guys but it was a mistake and i feel weeird i think i might have and std..theres burning and itching alot of itching?..and i dont think there is anything else but should i get a check up with out my parents knowing?…how much is it to get a checkup??”

A: “I strongly urge you to contact Family Planning at 440-992-5953 and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Any kind of burning or itching in the genital area is not normal. The sooner you get treatment the better. All of our services are confidential which means unless we have your written permission, we can not tell anybody you were here, why you were here, etc. Also, our services are based on a sliding fee scale or according to your income.”

How do I go about getting tested for STD’s?

If i do not have insurance and want to get tested for STDs, how would i go about that?”

A: We recommend calling the Family Planning clinic to schedule an appointment for STD testing. The Family Planning Clinic is a Title X Clinic that gets federal funds. If a person does not have insurance, our costs are determined by family size and income and services rendered.

HIV/STD testing for men?

im gay , im 48 yrs old i need tested for HIV and STD’s I live in Ashtabula How much does it cost, Im on Ohio medicaid and broke til first of the month, I broke up with my last lover end of june because he cheated on me and then had sex with me he doesnt use protection.”

A: The cost will determined by our sliding fee scale. Our sliding fee scale is determined by a patients income and family size. Family Planning has a clinic in Ashtabula. We recommend calling 440-992-5953 and scheduling an appointment for an STD test.

How much does an abortion cost?

“How much does an abortion cost for someone who earns under 2 grand a year?”

A: Family Planning does not provide abortions. The price of an abortion varies from clinic to clinic. Prices generally range from $400-$700 depending on what clinic you choose, how many weeks pregnant the woman is, and the specific what procedure done.

To find out specific costs, locate a provider either on-line or in the phone book and ask them what their payment options are. It is also possible to call the Family Planning Association to speak with a counselor and get more information about the options available to you.


“What is the cost for an abortion in ohio and what are the dangers to the female?”

A: Here at Family Planning we do not provide abortions. If interested, we can provide you with information and resources about your options.

Where can I consult with a physician?

I do not heave health insurance. I am married and my husband is leaving for Iraq in January or shortly thereafter. We want to go off my pills and see what happens, but I am on other medication that I am afraid would harm an embryo. Do you know of anywhere that I can go to consult a dr. before I might get pregnant? I have endometriosis and I have never been off of birth control so I’m fairly sure nothing will happen right away but I would have liked to talk to a Dr. first. We recently moved up here and my former Drs are all 3 hours away. Thanks.”
A: You could make an appointment with one of the nurse practitioners that the Family Planning Association to discuss your medical situation and the possibility of becoming pregnant. We operate on a sliding fee scale, so our fees are based on income and family size. Please be aware it is possible to become pregnant as soon as you stop taking pills, even if you have been taking them for a long time

What is the sliding fee scale?

 “Where can I learn about the sliding scale? Also, I came here once before, but couldn’t get bc because I needed blood work years ago, will I still need that blood work done to get bc?”

A: To learn more about the Family Planning Associations sliding fee scale, you can call the office at 440-352-0608 to ask and get detailed information. To get on birth control, a patient will need to have an exam given. This includes a breast exam as well as a pelvic exam