I had unprotected sex on Friday but took the plan b pill Monday evening but about an hour after taking the pill I had unprotected sex again. Could I still get pregnant?

Question: I had unprotected sex on Friday but took the plan b pill Monday evening but about an hour after taking the pill I had unprotected sex again. Could I still get pregnant?

Answer:  There is always a risk of pregnancy any time a person engages in vaginal sex.  Plan B is a high dose of hormonal birth control that tries to stop a woman from ovulating, the period of time when a woman is most fertile.  Although you took Plan B on Monday, sperm can live inside the woman’s body for up to five days; you are still at risk for pregnancy from both sexual experiences on Friday and Monday.  Please call to talk with the nurse and/or make an appointment to discuss taking another dose of Plan B, along with getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI/HIV).  FPA encourages you to use a condom with each act of sex.

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Emergency Contraception (Plan B) is not designed to be taken as a regular form of birth control and does not prevent STI/HIV.  Women may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting and changes in period.

What forms of birth control does FPA offer?

Question: What forms of birth control do you have available at the clinic? I would rather not use condoms or the pill. Allergic to latex, and I have gotten pregnant on the pill. I’m 26 years old with three children, with medicaid insurance. Thank you

Answer:  The Family Planning Association offers a variety of contraceptive methods, including but not limited to, the female condom (non latex), the Nuva Ring, Depo-Provera (the shot), Nexplanon (the implant) and IUDs.  Please call 440-352-0608 to schedule an appointment at any of our four locations.

I ran out of pills, is it okay to have sex?

If I run out of birth control pills and can’t get any more for a week, is it ok to still have sex for just that week with out getting pregnant?”

A: “Absolutely not. If you are going to have sex use a backup method like a latex condom. You are not protected against pregancy if you do not take your pills for one week. You must also use a condom for seven days after you start taking your pills again because it takes one week for the pills to become active.”

Used condom- Pregnancy?

“A highschooler informed me yesterday that they were told by a reputable hospital in this area (they conduct sex ed classes) the following “true” story. Boy and girl had sex. Condom was used. Girl became pregnant. Girl had only been with boy and no one else. DNA proved it was not the boys, but another boy that the girl had not been with sexually. The boy apparently had picked up a used condom and then had sex with the girl. Is this possible???”

A: The scenario you describe seems highly unlikely. Sperm can only stay alive in semen a very short time, and once semen is exposed to air, the condition of any sperm in that fluid deterioarates rapidly. While we cannot say it definitely did not happen, the chances of having viable sperm alive to fertilize an egg are very slim.

Sex and Pregnancy

“If u r pregnant when should u stop having sex? Should u wear a condom?”

A: Unless a physician tells a patient otherwise, it is normally safe to have intercourse throughout an entire pregnancy, however, there are certain conditions and risk factors that may occur in which a doctor would advise against intercourse. A condom should be used with any sex act if there is a risk for sexually transmitted infections, or if neither partner has been recently tested. Check with the physician who is treating you during your pregnancy to find out what’s best for you.

Condom ripped, can I be pregnant?

“Okay i had sex with my boyfriend and i started my period and the condom ripped but he always pulls out when he thinks he gonna cum can i be pregnent”

A: Anytime a birth control method fails, there is a risk of pregnancy. If you are concerned about being pregnant, we recommend taking a pregnancy test or calling to make an appointment at Family Planning to get a pregnancy test.

Condom broke, on the pill?

“I’ve already been to a family planning facility for the 72 hour pill. After that I started to use condoms more often, however, this time it broke. I’m taking birth control every night, but just started it. I’m positive that sperm got inside of me. Should I go and get the 72 hour pill again?”

A: A person needs to use a condom for at least seven days after beginning birth control pills. If the condom breaks, it would be a good idea to contact a family planning clinic to discuss their options regarding the morning after pill.