23 and looking to get birth control pills for the first time

Question:  I’m currently 23 and are looking to get birth control bills for the first time. I just wanted to know if it’s okay to come in whenever you’re open or do you request appointments for asking about what kinds and getting the first pack to pay for and try? I had an appointment set up at Lake Health gyno but it’s a month out because she’s THAT booked and if I didn’t have to wait that long I’d rather not wait lol…….. Currently in a relationship and have always used some sort of protection otherwise but I’m looking to try pills as a birth control and possibly to help with hormonal acne. My insurance is through Aetna and I’m on my single father’s insurance and I obviously don’t talk to him about this kinda stuff! So just looking for the process through you guys and what step I should be taking next. Thanks!

Answer:  FPANEO does ask that you make an appointment in order to begin a birth control method so that we can assess your medical history and what method may work best for your needs.  Birth control pills can be very effective at preventing pregnancy if taken consistently and correctly and can also help with acne concerns.  Please make sure to communicate these needs to our nursing staff so that they can provide you with an appropriate prescription.  In regards to your insurance, we do accept most private insurance plans but if you choose to have confidential services (meaning you do not want to use your father’s insurance) you would be put on a sliding fee scale where your income determines how much you would pay.  For your appointment please bring your insurance card and/or proof of income so that we can best work with your situation.

To make an appointment please call Painesville at 440-352-0608 or Ashtabula at 440-992-5953.

Is it normal to experience acne breakouts when using Depo-Provera (the shot)?

Question: I recently changed birth control methods from the pill to the depo shot, and suddenly I’m breaking out everywhere. I’ve rarely had acne all my life- usually only around the time of my period- but it has gotten really bad since receiving the shot. Is this normal? Is there a way to reduce the chance of this happening or a way to control it?

Answer:  Changes in acne is a common side effect of most hormonal birth control. If you are unhappy with the side effects of Depo-Provera, you have a few options:

  • Give it time.  Mild side effects often lessen or go away three to four months after starting or changing your contraceptive
  • Make changes in diet or facial cleanser
  • Consult a Dermatologist

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss other birth control options, please call 440-352-0608 (Painesville) or 440-992-5953 (Ashtabula).

Does Family Planning have a birth control option that’s specifically for helping acne?

Question: The birth control I’ve been taking (LoSeasonique) has been breaking me out pretty badly. Does Family Planning have a birth control option that’s specifically for helping acne?

Answer:  Many oral contraceptive pills can help with managing acne.  We would suggest talking to the physician that prescribed the medication to you about your concerns and consider changing the dosage or the brand to one that will meet your needs – including the skin concerns.  If this does not help, the next step would be to contact a dermatologist who may be able to make better recommendations.  If you would like to come to Family Planning to talk about switching your birth control brand/ method, please call 440-352-0608 for Painesville, or 440-992-5953 for Ashtabula to make an appointment and answer some questions!