Should I test for pregnancy?

“I have PCOS so my periods are always irregular (28 – 56 days). I am 39 days past last menstrual cycle. I have middle back pain, constipation, and a little fatigue. No tender breasts or morning sickness but I really believe that I could be pregnant. What I need to know is, since I don’t have regular periods and have no idea when I might have ovulated, when should I test for pregnancy and are the things I mentioned signs of pregnancy? Please Help Me. I have been to over 100 websites and none have yet to give me a response that I can rely on. I have been trying to
conceive for 18 years so I dont want to test too early in fear of getting a negative. Yet I am getting anxious to find out.”

A: “Any time a woman has sex without using a method of contracption there is a risk for pregnancy. Missing a period is one sign of a possible pregnancy. A woman can contact the Family Planning Association at 440-992-5953 or 440-352-0608 or her personal physician to schedule a pregnancy test or purchase a home testing kit.”