“I am 35 and have been off the Pill for 7 months. I was on the Pill for 18 yrs prior to stopping. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant but since I have been off the Pill, my periods come anywhere between 40-60 days. I have no idea when I ovulate and I have tried all the typical ways to measure when I ovulate. I’ve even tried the tests. My husband has ED. We’ve decided to try the turkey baster method. Can I get pregnant by immediately taking the sperm and self-injecting it into my vagina every few days?? Thank you.”

A: “This really sounds like something you need to discuss with your physician. Perhaps he or she can help you refine your ovulation monitoring. Or perhaps your husband could see someone for his ED. As we are not physicians nor are were familiar with your medical history, it would be inappropriate to recommend this method to you.