Questioning Paternity

“I am 33 yrs old, and I am 13 weeks pregnant, so my doctor told me I conceived somewhere around 11/16/05. I had unprotected sex on 11/12 with a longtime friend, and he used the withdrawal method. From 11/14-11/16, my ovulation dates, I had sex with my longtime boyfriend (we had been trying to get pregnant). What are the chances of my baby’s father being the longtime friend I had sex with on 11/12? I am very scared and concerned, so any help will be appreciated. Thank you!”

A: I cannot give you a percentage, but since sperm have lived 5-7 days in a woman’s body and you may not have ovulated exactly on your predicted days, it does seem possible that either man could be the father. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to take a paternity test once the child is born.