Nuva Ring

“ive been a patient at the Family Planning Clinic in Painesville. i havent needed your services for awhile because i got contracted at my place of employment. I was injured at my job Sept 2010 and since its been over a year that ive been out on workers comp they have dropped me from thier insurance. curently i have no income due to them refusing to pay me anymore. i have been to a dermatolagist and diagnosed with deep acne, the doctor reccomended NUVA RING and ive had success. I also benifit from this because im not the best at remembering to take birthcontrol everyday. Ive been on the DEPO shot before and gained alot of wieght. i would like to continue with the NUVA RING but have no money for donation and no insurance. i looked into getting it at my local pharmacy without insurance and its outragously priced for someone in my situation who cant work, and has no income. Also i am in a relationship and use condoms but do not want kids esspecially in my finacial situation cant afford an “accident”. Basicly can i return to the clinic and recieve NUVA RING?”

A: Yes you can get Nuva Ring here at Family Planning. You will have to have an exam to get the birth control. Our fees are based of a sliding fee scale.