My period is two weeks late and I do not have insurance

Question:  I’ve taken two pregnancy tests two weeks apart and they both came up negative but my period is over 2 weeks late.  Last night I got a pretty bad cramp in my abdomen and pelvic region so I figured I’d get it that night or today. Its now midnight with no period. I don’t have insurance and recently moved out on my own so my funds are pretty limited, but I’ve been to this Family Planning a few years ago when I was covered under my dad’s insurance. Is there a way to change the information on file so I can still receive help? I’m worried there is something wrong but can’t afford to do anything about it.

Answer:  There are many factors that can impact a woman’s period including age, stress and medications.  Please call the Family Planning Association 440-352-0608 (Painesville) or 440-992-5953 (Ashtabula) to make an appointment and update your financial information we have on file.  If a client does not have insurance, cost is assessed by household income  and family size; FPA does not refuse services because of inability to pay and accepts donation.  If you are interested in enrolling in Medicaid or private insurance, FPA also has Certified Application Counselors on site that can answer your questions and assist you in the enrollment process.