Morning after pill effectiveness

“My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex and I didnt pull out. She was on the pill for about a week but missed a day and didnt take it at the same time everyday. We were unsure and didnt want to take any chances so she took the morning after pill the next day. What are the chances of her getting pregnant and how is the menstrual cycle effected by the morning after pill.”

A: The morning after pill is between 75-90% effective depending on where in the menstrual cycle it is taken. After taking the morning after pill, some women experience spotting, cramping and even nauseau. Her cycle may be irregular that month. If she misses her next period, she could take a pregnancy to be sure she is not pregnant. In the meantime, it might be a good idea for your girlfriend to consult with her physician about a birth control method that would be easier for her to use correctly and consistently.