Is there any way to tell if I have genital warts?

I have recently discovered my boyfriend of the past 6 months has had unprotected sex with a female infected with genital wartsbefore me and then had unprotected sex with me when we got together. Is there any way to tell now if I have sometihng before I make an appointment? And is there a law or something against knowing you have an STD and having unprotected sex with an unknown party? Any information you have about this I would appreciate”

A: “Genital warts may cause abnormal bumps or growths that may appear in or around the gentital area. They may be raised or flat, soft or hard, single or multiple, flesh colored and pain less. However, some warts that appear inside the vagina may not be noticed unless examined by a medical professional. If you feel you have been exposed to genital warts make an appointment with your reproductive health care provider who will be able to examine you and your partner more closely. As far as a law, I am unaware of any.”