I have preventing pregnancy by using the Depo shot but I am now ready to get pregnant. Is there any way to speed up when I ovulate?

Question:  I’ve been getting the depo and me and my fiancé have been trying to get a little one … I was up in February to get my next shot and we’ve been trying …. is there any pills or shot I can get to make me ovulate or start to receive faster?

Answer:   Depo-Provera prevents pregnancy three ways: delays ovulation, thickens cervical mucous and thins uterine lining.  Although Depo-Provera requires an injection every three months, it can take several months up to two years for all of the hormone to leave a woman’s bloodstream, allowing her menstrual cycle to become more regular.  While you are unable to impact the timing of when your ovulation will return, it would be helpful to track your fertility.  You can use cycle beads, keep track on a calendar or keep a journal of when your period starts, how long it lasts and how many days until you start your period the next month.  A regular menstrual cycle is 26-32 days long, or 26-32 days between the start of your period one month to the next.