How much does it cost to test for chlamydia?

Question: I think I should get tested for STI.  How much will it cost to get tested assuming I’m at the top of your sliding scale?  Also how much would treatment be assuming I have say chlamydia?  I have a burning sensation when I urinate?

How/when can I get tested?  Should I be going to the HIV sites?  Thanks for all your help.

Answer:  Testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea involves a cotton swab for females and a urine sample for males.  Family Planning also can test for HIV with a finger prick blood test that will offer results in about twenty minutes.  If you have a concern, please call and schedule an appointment in order to get tested as soon as possible 440-352-0608.  You also have the option to attend Teen Clinic in Painesville this Monday, October 7th.  Scheduling is reserved for teens and you also have the option of walking in if there are no available appointments when you call.

In regards to cost, Family Planning operates off of a sliding fee scale, based off income and family size.  However, no one is turned away because of inability to pay.