How much does Implanon cost?

 “Hello I’m wondering how much implanon? Costs it’s the birth control put under the arm. I have tricare insurance due to my husband being in the military. My husband makes about 30,000 salary and I’m not working right now but once I start working it will only be a minimum wage hopefully full time job. So I’m wondering an estimate of how much the implant will cost me out of pocket so I can start saving and how soon do I need to schedule an appointment I want my appointment to be mid October before my husband gets back from his deployment. Also how long does it take to come into effect hes suppose to be back around October 27.”

A: The Family Planning Clinic is a Title X Clinic that gets federal funds. Our costs are determined by family size and income and services rendered. We want to make you aware of the new Family Planning insurance at your county Job and Family Services. This insurance may help cover costs that your current insurance does not. We recommend calling a month in advance to schedule an appointment for Implanon. There is immediate contraceptive effect if inserted in the first 5 days of the cycle. If inserted at any other time addition contraception must be used for 7 days.