How do people afford childcare?

“My wife and I are 29 years old. We have no children but want some desperately. We are trying to figure out how to have kids responsibly, and afford them. I work full time and make 49k per year. She is working full time, and will be starting school again shortly. We are going to be buying our own health insurance shortly. How do people afford childcare? Every price we have researched has been over 1000 per month! We know we make too much money for any help from the government. We do not live extravagantly, and we do not have a large surplus of money. I just do not want to have a child, and not be able to take care of it properly.”

A: “I’m not sure where you are located but you may want to contact your local Department of Job and Family Services. They may be able to provide you with some information. Depending on your area you may be able to find a reliable childcare provider that provides services out of their home. The internet or local newspaper may also be good resources to locate local childcare services.”