Prenatal Clinic

What is it?
Prenatal care consists of routine visits to a medical facility to monitor the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy.
It is highly recommended for pregnant women to receive early and consistent prenatal care throughout the pregnancy to reduce complications during pregnancy and birth, as well as to prevent birth defects.

Routine visits…
o Monthly during 1st and 2nd trimesters (1- 28 weeks)
o Increase to biweekly visits during 28 – 32 weeks of pregnancy
o Transfer to a private provider who will continue care and delivery for a reduced fee

An exam may include…
o An initial pelvic exam, checking the mother’s blood pressure and weight
o Measuring the height of the uterus and monitoring the heart rate of the fetus
o Necessary blood work, diabetes testing, and referral for ultrasound
o Nutritional, wellness, and postpartum education

Who is eligible?
Pregnant women who do not have private health insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid.

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