Can I be pregnant if I had an abnormal period last month?

“Can I be pregnant if I had an abnormal period last month? It was very light and only lasted two days. I’m 46 years old, and last time I thought I was pregnant the doctor told me it was menapause.”

A: If are having unprotected sex and are still ovulating there is a chance you could become pregnant. If you are concerned you may be pregnant, you can purchase a home pregnancy test or contact your health care provider for an appointment.

Can Depo Provera affect pregnancy test results?

“Can being on the depo shot affect the results of a pregnancy test. Lately I have really been feeling like I am pregnant but the home test came out negative.”

No. The depo shot does not affect the results of a pregnancy test. If a woman is concerned she may be pregnant she can contact the Family Planning Association at 440-992-5953 or 440-352-0608 or her personal physician to schedule a pregnancy test.

Are pregnancy tests accurate?

“I need help and fast. My girlfriend was on her period for a few days before she got off of it. Two or three days after she got off her period, her and I had unprotected sex. I felt myself orgasming and pulled out and came into my hand, yet I’m not sure if I came in her at all. She took a few birth control to try and force her period but it never came. Its been three weeks later and she hasn’t hit her period yet. She has no nausea, no cramps, no unusual discharge, no weird cravings, and nothing else besides the fact that she has to pee a good deal (she also gets bladder infections and she has one right now, if that means anything). Her period cycle is 28 to 30 days. Her and I are both freaking out and we don’t know what to do. We are buying a pregnancy test this afternoon to see. If it comes up negative, is it reliable? If it comes up positive, what could we do to terminate the pregnancy before it begins to become apparent. Both of us are in high school and we can’t possibly support a child and our families are both very religious, so there’s no possible way they would consent to an abortion. We both turn 18 in December. Please help, we really need it.

If ever worried that your birth control method has failed, Plan B is a back up method. This can be found at most pharmacy’s. It is most effective if you take it within 72 hours of having unprotected sex but can also work up to 5 days after. Home pregnancy tests are considered reliable when used according to package instructions one week after a missed period. The Family Planning Clinic does not terminate pregnancies, but you can call us at 440-352-0608 and schedule an appointment with a counselor. They will be able to give you more information about abortions and where to go.

Am I pregnant?

“I think that I might be pregnant. I took an at home test and it came up positive but I am also supposed to start my period in two days. Can I possibly be pregnant? I had sex without a condom about 3 weeks ago and nothing since then. I also have an appointment on the 26th and I dont know what to do. Please let me know.”

Anytime you have unprotected sex, you greatly increase your risk of getting pregnant. If you are concerned you may be pregnant make an appointment for a pregnancy test with your health care provider or a family planning clinic in your area. The Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio uses urine based pregnancy tests.

6 weeks pregnant and spotting

“I am 6 weeks pregnant w/out insurance. I started spotting this morning and was wondering if you provided treatment for such issues? If so, what is the cost?”

Yes, we recommend making an appointment at Family Planning if you are concerned. Our costs are based off of a persons income and family size. If you have further questions, please call us at 440-352-0608.

22 years I pregnant?

“I am 22 years of age and currently on the two month shot. My partner and I had unprotected sex 4weeks ago but he didn’t cum in me. The week after we had sex, I experienced nausea which came and went. The following week I felt bloated and gassy. The week thereafter, I started getting sharp pains in my tummy. Could I be pregnant?

If you are concerned you may be pregnant make an appointment for a pregnancy test with your health care provider or a family planning clinic in your area. The Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio uses urine based pregnancy tests.

15 and want to get pregnant

“I’m 15 years old and i was wondering if it would be safe if i got pregnant now? i really wanna get pregnant and have a kid of my own but everyone’s telling me to wait but i really don’t want to. what are your opinions about the situation?”

 Since we are health educators we recommend calling and making an appointment at Family Planning with our counselor. The counselor will help with any questions or concerns you have in your situation.

Marriage Counseling

“Hi I was wondering if you provided marriage counseling”

At this time, the FPA does not provide marriage or couples counselng. However, there may be community organizations in your area that can provide counseling at a free or reduced rate.

Am I eligible for the sliding fee scale?

Hello, I’m curious about eligibility and HIPPA. I’m working part time, going to school and am on my parents’ insurance. Could I be examined and buy birth control without using the insurance or having my parents find out? I have read about the sliding scale payments but want to make sure I am eligible and I want to make sure nothing turns up on the insurance statement.”

A: Family Planning provides confidentiality. A patient does not need parental consent to get on birth control. Our fees are based off of a sliding fee scale. This varies depending on a persons income. A patient can request not to have the cost submitted to their insurance.

Pregnancy Chances

Last night me and my boyfriend had intercourse and when we were done he told me that the condom had broke… i thought he was just playing around like he does sometimes but he was being serious… it broke when he was inside of me and didn’t feel it till after he was done…. what are the chances that i could be pregnant”

I just asked u a question but i was also wondering how much an abortion is and can i get it without my parents knowing?

A: As for your first question, its difficult to say. Since this just happened last night, it sounds like you would be a candidate for the morning after pill. It would be advisable to contact a clinic near you immediately. For the second part of your question, please look in the ‘ask the educator” archives as this question has been addressed previously.