FPA- STI testing?

I am a homosexual.. I have NOT been tested in quit some time, and the more and more commericals I see on TV about HIV, it scares me, and makes me NOT want to go and get tested.. Afterall whats not to be scared of.. My question is : Do you do HIV testing and testing for other STDS? And when I can be able, if so, to do so.. Thank you”

A: The FPA sees both men and women for sexually transmitted infection testing, including HIV/AIDS. Our staff of nurse practitioners will discuss your risk factors and decide exactly what infections you should be tested for. This may include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and HIV. If a test comes back positive, you will be given treatment and instruction on how to manage the infection and avoid spreading it to others. It is recommended that any sexually active adult be tested on an annual basis since many infections show no symptoms. To be tested, call the FPA office nearest you to make an appointment.