Female Nipple Hair

“Hello, I met and fell in love with a woman who I plan to marry soon. Here is the problem. I hope you don’t find me shallow. But recently we had sex for the first time, And a womans breasts are the most stimulating part of a womans body to me.
Anyway, I was shocked to see that she had a few long hairs around her nipples. which was a total turn off for me!
I love her very much and want to know how to go about talking with her about this.
Is this common? In what percentage of women does this occur?
When I do find a way to discuss this with her, can you tell me what is the best way to remove them? Do women who have this just pluck them out? Is electrolysis necessary? I am very disturbed by this, and would very much appreciate your advice!
Thank you!”

A: It is quite normal to have a small amount of hair growth around their nipples. It may be most noticeable in dark-haired females, and less so in women with light hair.
Most women who are uncomfortable with their appearance will simply pluck them out.