Does the morning after pill make your period late?

“How long after you take the morning after pill can you expect to get your period. Does the lenght of time that has lapsed between you last period and the time you took the morning after pill effect how long you will have to wait to get your period? ie If you had your period, then took your pill for about a week, then forgot and had to get the morning after pill, would the fact that you only had your period a week ago mean you would be a good while waiting for your period after you have taken the morning after pill?”

A: “The morning after pill can cause your cycle to be early on-time or late. You may also experience minor changes in your menstrual flow. It could be heavier or lighter. If you do not get your period, contact Family Planning or your physician to take a pregnancy test. Always remember to use protection correctly and every time you have sex. The morning after pill is for emergencies only and should be used as a primary form of birth control.”