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Everybody has questions about relationships, sex, communication, love, and bodies … but not everybody has a way to get those questions answered. At the Family Planning Association, we’re more than happy to answer them. That’s why we’ve developed “Ask The Educator.”

“Ask The Educator” is a quick, private, easy way for you to get the information you need. All you have to do is type your question (whatever it might be) and click “Send”.  A trained sexual health educator will read your question and write a response. Your question and the answer will then be posted on our web site.

Before you ask us your question, there’s some stuff you should know:

  • We’ll answer any serious question. Really!
  • This is all totally confidential. That means we don’t want your full name, and we won’t share your first name or e-mail address with anyone.
  • We don’t want anyone else’s name, either. If you’re talking about your girlfriend, just refer to her as “my girlfriend”, rather than using her name.
  • Please try to make your question as clear as possible. If we don’t know what you mean by something, we’ll just take our best guess.
  • You won’t receive a direct reply to your question. Ask whatever you want, and then check back later. Wait a day or two and then look for your question (and the answer) on our “Get Answers” page.
  • We don’t want to edit questions, so we won’t, unless we absolutely must.
  • Use whatever language is comfortable for you, even if it’s slang or you might not use it in polite company.
    Or, if you’re wondering what sorts of questions we’ll answer, visit our Ask The Educator Archive to find out what other people wanted to know.

*Please Note: Before you ask your question, please look in our Get Answers section and research the different categories to see if your question might have been previously answered.

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