Chances of becoming pregnant?

“I was wondering what my chance is that i’m pregnant? My Last period was on November 24. 2011.. I looked online at when my next period should be and it said, November 22. But it is Now November 27. and I still have not started my period.. I have had unprotected sex… I took a Dollar Tree pregnancy test, and it had a verry verry faint line, you could barely even see it at first glance.. And my breasts hurt reallly bad, i cant even go up the stairs without holding them.. Also, should i make a appt for family planning, and for what day to take a test?”

A: Anytime you have unprotected sex, you greatly increase your risk of getting pregnant. If you are concerned you may be pregnant make an appointment for a pregnancy test with your health care provider or a family planning clinic in your area. The Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio uses urine based pregnancy tests.