Can I make an appointment at Family Planning if I do not have insurance and I am unemployed?

Question: So, I do not have insurance nor a job as I have literally just moved to Ohio. My IUD has dislodged itself and is causing me pain.  How can I get help as someone without a job? Are there alternatives to maybe figure out cost like me bringing in a W2?

I’m really not wanting to pay the huge tab on a ER visit for such a simple thing so please let me know if there is something you can do or other alternatives so I can get your services.

Answer:  The Family Planning Association uses a sliding fee scale that asses cost based off of household income and family size.  Please call the Painesville clinic (440-352-0608) or Ashtabula clinic (440-992-5953) to make an appointment. If you are interested, you can also visit with one of our Certified Application Counselors for information or assistance in applying for private insurance or Medicaid.

However, it is an emergency if you believe your IUD is dislodged.  Please do not wait for an appointment at Family Planning and go to the ER right away.