Can I bring my niece to FPA without parental permission?

“My neice is 15 and is about 4 months pregnant and I am the only one that knows about the pregnancy right now, she has not seen a doctor yet and I want to bring her in but I need to know about her being a minor. Can I bring her in with out parental permission? We have talked and she knows she needs to talk to her grandmother about what is going on but she needs to see a doctor to make sure she and baby are alright. She also needs to speak with someone about her options.”

A: “Your niece may want to contact the Family Planning Association to schedule an appointment to speak with our counselor to discuss her options. We do encourage teens to share their decision to come to the Family Planning Association with their parent or guardian however, we also understand that is not always an option. Family Planning provides confidential reproductive health care services to all clients including teens.”