Can a minor get an abortion?

“my girlfriend and i are both minors. we have been sexually active for a while now. unfortunately, we are now scared that she may be pregnant. we have both agreed that if she is, we want an abortion. the problem, obviously, is she does not want to tell her mother because she is afraid that her mother will break us up.

so my question to you is :
is there anything we can do where we can keep it more of a secret?”

A: I do not know where you live, but in the state of Ohio someone under the age of 18 must inform their parents before an abortion can be performed. If the minor can prove that telling a parent will be harmful to them in some way, they may be able to receive a court bypass, which will allow the minor to receive the abortion without parental consent. Laws vary from state to state. It would be a good idea to speak to a counselor at your local family planning clinic who can help you discuss your options.