BC side effects/HPV risks

I was wondering If there are any methods of birth control out there that does not have weight gain as a side effect? Also is it possible for me to be infected with hpv, and show no signs of it, yet have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, and him have bumps on his penis? Also is there any treatment whatsoever for hpv?”

A: With any hormone method of birth control (patch, pill, shot, Nuva-Ring) there is a potential for a small amount of weight gain. It is possible for someone to have HPV and not have any signs or symptoms. If your boyfriend has bumps on his penis, he should have them examined by a doctor because it could be HPV, or could be a normal condition. To treat HPV (warts), there ways to remove the warts, but because it is caused by a virus, warts may return.