What is an exam like?

“hi, i was wondering what is exactly done durring the pap exam because i heard you have to get one done to be on birth control. And i was also wondering if you have the patch not just the pills and the shot. Thanks”

A: “An exam must be done before a women can start a birth control method. During the exam, three things will happen. First the Nurse with do a breast self-exam to makes sure there are no bumps or lumps. The second part, she inserts a speculum inside the vagina to better see the cervix. She will swab the cervix for a pap test and an STI test. Lastly she will insert one or two fingers inside the vagina to make sure the reproductive organs feel healthy. Then the exam will be completed. We do have a variety of different birth control methods, although we do not carry the patch, we can write out a prescription for one. You can call to make an appointment for an exam and depending on how old you are you may have to go through an orientation. Orientation is going over the different birth control methods and explaining in further detail what an exam is like.”