What type of birth control can cause infertility?

Question: Hey I had a question its what kind of birth control can help be infertile?

Answer:  Using birth control for months or even years does not hurt a woman’s fertility to plan future pregnancies.  For example, if women who rely on the hormonal pill for unintended pregnancy prevention forget to take even one pill, they can still become pregnant.   In addition, ovulation typically returns within a few weeks to a few months in women who stop using long-term birth control methods, such as an Implant or IUD.

Although birth control does not decrease the chance of a female becoming pregnant in the future, untreated sexually transmitted infections (STI) can.  Untreated cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause fallopian tube scaring, which may impact a fertilized egg’s ability to travel to the uterus.  It is important to talk to your partner and get regularly tested.

There are also permanent types of birth control that can surgically block a woman’s fallopian tubes and is not meant to be reversed, also known as a tubal ligation or “getting your tubes tied”.

If you have any further questions, please call 440-352-0608.

What sexually transmited infection (STI) testing does FPA offer?

Question: Hello. I was interested in getting a full std testing ran. I’m a bisexual woman currently in a same sex relationship. My last partner was a man and may or may not have been faithful. My partner has never been with a man but has had a larger number or partners. We would both like to get a full testing done just to know were totally safe before we start trying for kids. Do you offer that and what does it run?

Answer:  Family Planning offers chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B and rapid HIV testing.  All services, including STI testing, are offered on a sliding fee scale.  No one will be denied services because of inability to pay.  Please call 440-352-0608 to schedule an appointment at any of our four locations.

Does Family Planning Association accept Medicaid?

Question: Hi there!  I have Ohio Medicaid. I need to get a full STD test. Do you accept Ohio Medicaid and if you do how should I go about setting up an appointment?  Thank you!

Answer: The Family Planning Association does accept various insurance providers, including Medicaid.  Please call 440-352-0608 to schedule an appointment for STI testing.



I am experiencing pelvic pain with intercourse

Question: I got married 2 months ago. Ever since my husband and i started having sex then it’s been very painful. My best friend got married last year and told me she it hurts for awhile but after a month or so it should stop hurting, but it still does every time. I know it’s important to be wet enough, and if not to use lube, so we do all the time. But the pain is always there. Both of us were virgins before this so I think its very safe to say neither of us have any type of STD.

My question is why is it like this? Will it always be like this? Is there something wrong with me?

Answer: If these are the symptoms you are experiencing, I would encourage you to call and schedule a pelvic exam, either at Family Planning (440-352-0608) or with your regular gynecologist.

How much does it cost to test for chlamydia?

Question: I think I should get tested for STI.  How much will it cost to get tested assuming I’m at the top of your sliding scale?  Also how much would treatment be assuming I have say chlamydia?  I have a burning sensation when I urinate?

How/when can I get tested?  Should I be going to the HIV sites?  Thanks for all your help.

Answer:  Testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea involves a cotton swab for females and a urine sample for males.  Family Planning also can test for HIV with a finger prick blood test that will offer results in about twenty minutes.  If you have a concern, please call and schedule an appointment in order to get tested as soon as possible 440-352-0608.  You also have the option to attend Teen Clinic in Painesville this Monday, October 7th.  Scheduling is reserved for teens and you also have the option of walking in if there are no available appointments when you call.

In regards to cost, Family Planning operates off of a sliding fee scale, based off income and family size.  However, no one is turned away because of inability to pay.

How much does it cost to get tested and treated for an STI?

Question: Okay…at one point I was unsure if I had something or not but I know I do now :/ I wanna get it checked out and taken care of. It feels gross, and it itches and I want it fixed ASAP. The main problem I have is I don’t want my parents to know. I’m 18 years old. My bank account is still in the same main account as my moms, so if I start taking out too much money she’ll notice. How much would it cost to treat an std and can you guys treat it and take care of it all there? Like if I go, get tested, test positive for something, will you guys be able to treat me or will you send me elsewhere. Again I won’t be able to go elsewhere without my parents finding out and that’s not even an option. And then what’s the next step. I go, get tested, test positive….then what? And what’s a cost? I know it’s based on income and insurance but what if I don’t have a whole lot of money and no insurance. So many Q’s. Sorry. Helppp

Answer:  If you have a concern, please call and schedule an appointment in order to get tested as soon as possible.  You also have the option to attend Teen Clinic in Ashtabula this Monday, September 30th.  Scheduling is reserved for teens and you also have the option of walking in if there are no available appointments when you call.

The Family Planning Association can screen and treat many sexually transmitted infections including but not limited to chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. Parental consent is not required in order to be tested for any STI and I can assure you your medical visit will be kept confidential.  Because you do not have insurance, the cost for the STI testing will be determined from a sliding scale, based of your income. However, no one is ever turned away from Family Planning because of inability to pay.

Where can I get tested for an STI?

Question: Im afraid I have some sort of STD ;( it has me stressing out so much and worrying like crazy. Can I come there and get it checked out and get some sort of treatment for it? I don’t want my parents to know. I’m 18 years old but still live at home. Help! 🙁

Answer:  The only way to know if you have contracted an STI is to contact your local Family Planning Association, or your health provider, and get yourself tested.  Family Planning keeps all client information confidential.

Lake County Family Planning: (440)352-0608

Ashtabula County Planning: (440)992-5953

How often should I be tested for STIs and HIV?

Question: im a active gay man bottom and shared by my boy friend with his buddies and they do not use condoms as I enjoy the feeling and so do they. one of his friends just got of the prison system. how offen should I get std testing and hiv testing done

Answer: At Family Planning, we usually recommend that sexually active people get tested for STIs including HIV every 3-6 months.

Cost for Chlamydia testing at Family Planning

Question: Do you do free testing for chlamydia?

Answer: The cost for all STI testing at Family Planning is determined by our sliding fee scale.  The patients income determines where they fall on that scale, so someone with a relatively low or no income would get their testing for a minimal to no cost.

STD testing in Ashtabula

“When do you do testing for STD’s and HIV, here in Ashtabula?  I’m a gay bottom male, last HIV test was last Nov. and never tested for STD’s.”

A:  If interested in getting an STD test, you can just call the Family Planning Association and schedule an appointment.  The phone number to our Ashtabula clinic is 440-992-5953.