Question: How much does Implanon or Mirena cost if my insurance doesn’t cover it?

Question: How much does Implanon or Mirena cost if my insurance doesn’t cover it?

Answer:  The Implanon implant has been replaced with a new one called Nexplanon.  The cost for the Nexplanon and Mirena at Family Planning is determined by our sliding fee scale, taking in account your household income.  Please call and schedule an appointment to determine your eligibility (440) 352-0608

Recently changed birth control methods and have not gotten a period

Question: HI, a doctor at the family planning clinic in Painesville OH took out my Mirena IUD that i had had in for a year. It was causing me a lot of pain. She prescribed my Junel Fe 1/20 to begin taking that day. I have been on the JUnel fe now for two months and have missed both months periods. on mirena my periods did come only once every few moths, and I got mine the week before i got it taken out, so I am wondering why i would still not have gotten it on the new birth control. I have taken a pregnancy test and it came up negative, and i take a daily vitamin and am very active, so i am concerned there is something wrong. should I make an appointment or wait another month to see what happens?

Answer: I spoke with the nurse practitioner and she suggested that your delayed period might be a result of the left over hormones from the Mirena.  It is normal to allow your body a few months to adjust to different dosages of hormones when changing birth control methods.  However, if you are uncomfortable not having a menstrual cycle, I encourage you to call and make an appointment to switch to a different dosage   (440) 352-0608.


“My Mother wants me to come to family planning and get the birth control mariana but my aunt had told me that if you havent had children and you get put on mariana if it moves it can keep me from having children, is this true?”

A: Patients do not have to of had children to be put on the birth control, Mirena. If you have concerns about this method, we recommend making an appointment at Family Planning to discuss them and also discuss other possible options.