Rectum is inflamed…

I came to u guys for a screen some time ago my swabs all came back clean and I brought up that my rectum was really inflamed u guys told me it was nothin but it never went away and its worse now then ever I do nt know if I’m seeing things or not but it looks like bumps have formed and all I can think is herpes, what do u think”

A: Since we are educators and not doctors, the best thing to do is call and make another appointment here at Family Planning as soon as possible. Explain your symptoms and they will be able to help diagnose the problem.

Is there a herpes vaccine?

I heard there was a new shot that could help prevent people from getting herpes from someone who is already infected. If so, do you have this shot at your clinic so that I can receive it in the near future?”

A: Right now, there is no vaccination to protect against getting herpes. There are medications that someone with herpes can take to relieve their symptoms, but there are no medications to prevent its spread. The only way to help protect against herpes is to use a condom correctly and consistently with every act of intercourse.


“I was diagnosed a few years ago with HVS. I have several questions. I came in for a checkup and had what I though was chaffing. It turned out to be HVS. I have never had symptom of an outbreak until today I think. My stuff feels tingly and I hurt inside like I just had marathon sex. My sexual activity had decreased to virtually nothing since diagnosed. I am very concerned my BF is cheating on me and am not sure if what I am feeling is an outbreak or something else. How would I know seeing as I don’t feel symptoms? Can I come in and be screened for everything possible?”

A: The symptoms for women do not always show externally. If a woman gets a herpes outbreak on the cervix or vagina and not externally, she may develop vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, or burning with urination. Family Planning does provide STD testing and treatment. If you are concerned, we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible.

How to get tested for herpes?

Do you have to call ahead of time to get checked for herpes or any disease? Also if you are infected with herpes do they show signs that you have it?”

A: To get tested for STI’s, you will need to call and schedule an appointment. When a person is infected with herpes, the person may or may not show visible symptoms.