Hepatitis C

Could I have Hepatitis C?

“My boyfriend of 10 months told me that he has hepititus c..he got this from his mother when she was prenant with him I have had unprotected sex with him…is this something that i could have and does family planning do the a test that can tell me if I have it or not?”

A: “Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily through contact with blood containing the hepatitis c virus. The risk of sexual transmission is low. If you are concerned about hepatitis c you can get tested. Testing is available at the Family Planning Association. Contact your health care provider or Family Planning for additional information about testing.”

Are there always symptoms of Hepatitis C?

“Are there always symptoms of Hepatitis C? How long after exposure do symptoms occur?”

A: “Hepatitis C infection usually produces no signs or symptoms during its earliest stages. When signs and symptoms do occur, they’re generally mild and flu-like and may include fatigue, fever, nausea or poor appetite, muscle and joint pains or tenderness in the area of your liver. More serious symptoms may take 15 years or more to occur. If you think you may have been exposed to Hepatitis C contact your health care provider to be tested.”