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Question: Do you help women who may have endometriosis?

Answer: At Family Planning, we can see women with endometriosis. We do not have the equipment to officially diagnose endometriosis, but we can provide treatment to help with pain that someone might be experiencing. If you’d like to come in for an exam and speak with a nurse about symptoms that are occurring, please call us at 440-352-0608.

When are Teen Clinics?

“When are the free teen clinics at? What time?”

A: At Family Planning, the teen clinics at our Painesville location are held every other Monday from 3:00 – 5:00. At our Ashtabula location, teen clinics are held every other Monday from 2:30 – 4:00.

What services do you provide for children?

“What services do you provide for children?”

A: Family Planning provides services to anyone over the age of 13. We provide pregnancy testing, STI testing/treatment, annual exams, and counseling services. If still interested in learning more about Family Planning, visit our website www.fpaneo.org or call our clinic at 440-352-0608.


“Do you supply ultrasounds when a girl is pregnant?”

A: No, here at Family Planning we do not do ultrasounds. We can write an order for a patient to get an ultrasound, but the patient will need to cover the cost.

Teen Services

“Does family planning provide services to teens?”

A: “Yes. The Family Planning Association provides confidential services to teens on a sliding fee scale according to income and family size. Teens do not need parent/guardian permission to receive services; however, we encourage teens to share their decision to come to Family Planning with a parent/guardian but we also understand that may not be possible. Family Planning also accepts insurance, medicaid and donations. Services include annual exams, birth control methods, the morning after pill, STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, and education/counseling services. For more information about teen clinics or to schedule an appointment contact the Family Planning Association in Painesville at 440-352-0608 or Ashtabula at 440-992-5953.

Mammogram Assistance

“I am a client of family planning although I haven’t used the serviced for quite awhile. I am currently being asked to have a diagnostic mammogram which will cost $250-$300. I was wondering if you know of anywhere I might
be able to get discounted help.”

A: “Women that meet specific guidelines may qualify for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Project. Contact the Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio at 440-992-5953 or 440-352-0608 for more information regarding this project.”

What kind of STIs can I be treated for at FPA?

What kind of stds/stis can I be tested for at the lake county family planning?”

A: “The Family Planning Association can screen for many sexually transmitted infections including but not limited to chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV. If you are experiencing signs or symptoms of a STI, contact Family Planning or your health care provider for testing.”

Is there a Family Planning in Cleveland?

“I got the Mirena put in and i was supposed to get it removed on March 12. I’m at a transitional control program in Cleveland. Is there a Family Planning in downtown where I can make an appointment to get it removed and another on put in?”

A: We only have 2 locations for the Family Planning Association in Northeast Ohio; Painesville and Ashtabula. If interested, you can call and we can provide you with other resources if needed.

How do I find a clinic?

“How do i find out where is the closest “free: clinic near me?”

A: The best way to find a clinic is to look in your local phone book under “clinic.” You will probably find one specializes in reproductive health care. Call their office to check out how to become a patient and to find out their payment policies. Not all of them are “free,” but most are low cost. If you don’t see anything in your phone book, call us at 440 352-0608. We have a directory of family planning clinics all over the United States and we can help find one close to you.

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