birth control

How will the Affordable Care Act impact me?

Question: I’ve been kind of getting confused with the new Obama Care coming into play, and I’ve heard from peers that insurance companies will be required to give free birth control, is this true? Cause at the moment I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford the DeproVera shot or the Patch (I have blood clots, so I can’t be on the Pill) and my insurance company doesn’t cover much as it is. Can you please clarify the new birth control policies? Thank You

Answer:  The Affordable Care Act is going to impact everyone a little differently, depending on your insurance company and the plan you hold.  I would encourage you to contact your insurance agent or visit to explore your options.  You can also call Family Planning, schedule an appointment and we can work with you and your insurance.  Either way, we can work with you to make sure you are able to receive the best birth control method for you.  However, the patch (OrthoEvra) might not be a great alternative if you are unable to use birth control methods with estrogen.  I would encourage you to call Family Planning 352-0608 and schedule an appointment to discuss progestin only birth control options.

Do I need to have a pelvic exam when switching birth control methods?

Question: When switching to a different type of birth control,(I’m currently on the shot) must I have to get an exam done?
Answer:  The answer depends on whether you are an active patient with Family Planning, what your age is, when your last pelvic exam was done and if you have any pelvic pain or concerns.  Either way, I would suggest that you call Family Planning, schedule an appointment and discuss your situation with our medical staff.

How much would it cost for me to be put on birth control?

Question: How much would it cost for me to be put on birth control?

Answer:  Family Planning accepts both insurance and Medicaid.  In addition, some individuals may be eligible to apply for Family Planning Medicaid, which would cover the cost for any family planning related service (birth control, STI testing and treatment).  If you do not have insurance or are not Family Planning Medicaid eligible, the cost for the visit and birth control method would be determined by a sliding fee scale, accounting for family size and income.  Irregardless,  no one is turned away from Family Planning because of inability to pay.  Please call 440-352-0608 to schedule an appointment.

What are your supply times?

Question: So i am down to my last week of the pill. I am 17 but i was unable to go to the teen clinic on Tuesday so would i be able to just come in at one of the other supply times?

Answer:  Yes, you can come into the clinic during the supply times if you are currently a patient with Family Planning.  Please look on-line or call 24 hours in advance to determine what the supply times are for that day.  If you did not receive your birth control pills from Family Planning, then please call, schedule an appointment to meet with our nursing staff.

Recently changed birth control methods and have not gotten a period

Question: HI, a doctor at the family planning clinic in Painesville OH took out my Mirena IUD that i had had in for a year. It was causing me a lot of pain. She prescribed my Junel Fe 1/20 to begin taking that day. I have been on the JUnel fe now for two months and have missed both months periods. on mirena my periods did come only once every few moths, and I got mine the week before i got it taken out, so I am wondering why i would still not have gotten it on the new birth control. I have taken a pregnancy test and it came up negative, and i take a daily vitamin and am very active, so i am concerned there is something wrong. should I make an appointment or wait another month to see what happens?

Answer: I spoke with the nurse practitioner and she suggested that your delayed period might be a result of the left over hormones from the Mirena.  It is normal to allow your body a few months to adjust to different dosages of hormones when changing birth control methods.  However, if you are uncomfortable not having a menstrual cycle, I encourage you to call and make an appointment to switch to a different dosage   (440) 352-0608.

Can I switch my birth control pill?

Question: Can I switch to a different type of pill? The pill I’m on now is causing me to break out and is making me sick, would I be able to switch to a different kind of pill?

Answer:  Nausea and complexion changes are normal side effects of oral contraceptives and usually last 2-3 months after you begin taking them.  However, if you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your current birth control pill, or you have been consuming them for longer than 3 months, I highly encourage you to call your local doctor or Family Planning (352-0608) to schedule an appointment to discuss other birth control options.

Where can I get a vasectomy and how much would it cost?

Question: I am 23 years old and interested in a vasectomy, but do not have insurance that will cover the procedure. What would the cost be and location where the procedure would take place?


Answer:  Vasectomy procedures can range from $350-1,000 and are usually preformed by an urologist.  Although Family Planning does not perform any vasectomy services, some reproductive health clinics may.  I recommend contacting the reproductive health clinics in your area and inquire if they perform vasectomy services and whether or not they charge using a sliding scale based off your income.  Local urologists can also be considered, however, because you do not have sterilization insurance coverage, you will be considered as a self-pay patient.

Considering a vasectomy, especially in your 20’s, should be taken seriously.  It is intended as a permanent procedure, and although it can be reversed, it is difficult, expensive and not always successful.


Light period on Birth Control after sex

Question: My periods are very regular, I’m on birth control but I usually take it during different times of the day because I forget. I has sex with my boyfriend a few days before my period was supposed to start, and when it did there wasn’t really ANY blood. It was like the lightest spotting. I’m not sure if this means anything, but I’m worried.

Answer:  Unfortunately, since we are educators, we cannot tell you if this means anything. I can say that birth control should be taken at the same time every day for it be to the most effective. When someone forgets to take it at the same time every day, the chance for pregnancy does increase. Birth control can sometimes make periods very light.  I would recommend calling us at family planning and asking to speak with the nurse, who could help you further.  440-352-0608

Cost for teen to get the pill without insurance

Question: How much could a teen get the pill for without insurance?

Answer: I cannot say exactly how much birth control would be for someone of any age without insurance. The cost for birth control methods is determined by  where the person falls on our sliding fee scale, which takes into account the patient’s income.  Some people without insurance can qualify for Family Planning Medicaid as well, which helps cover the cost for any family planning related service (birth control, STI testing/treatment). Nobody is denied services here, so I would suggest making an appointment if you’re interested in birth control options. 440-352-0608

Cost of birth control with Insurance

Question: I want to get on birth control and I’m wondering how much it will cost or if my insurance company will pay for all of it. My insurance provider is Wellcare.

Answer: If you have Wellcare,  Family Planning will bill Wellcare for you birth control. Wellcare would then let you know if you need to pay anything additional for your birth control.